ImpactSprint: from research to product

Training for Trainers

4-8 September 2023
Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, CTU


Week-long training in September 2023, focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in university and research context. Our program combined the popular Design Sprint workshop with research valorisation processes and customised problem framing tailored to the needs of participants from academia.

During our training, you'll use a hands-on approach and experiential learning. You'll tackle real-world challenges by designing and prototyping solutions. Our facilitators and domain experts will guide you through the Design sprint workshop. They'll help you validate ideas, refine solutions through rapid prototyping and customer testing, and teach you how to present to investors and clients.

The Training for Trainers will bring together a group of 25 professionals from Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Armenia and Georgia who are interested in gaining new knowledge in the field of innovative product and service development, entrepreneurship and research valorisation.

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The training will

Are you interested in:

  • getting tools for organizing new entrepreneurship and innovation courses at your university?
  • learning how to approach innovation with the future customer in mind?
  • learning more about design thinking and knowledge valorisation and improve your facilitation skills? 
  • learning how to bring research results to the market?
  • meeting colleagues from other countries and exchanging ideas with them?
  • becoming part of an international community of like-minded entrepreneurial educators?

Our approach

We build methodology and skills for delivery of a 5-day course on innovative product and service development, create a regional network of practitioners and promote good practice in entrepreneurship education through public debates.

Problem Framing

Defining a problem, identifying its scope and stakeholders, and creating a clear problem statement for solution development

Design Sprint

Structured 5-day workshop for problem-solving, idea generation, rapid prototyping and testing of products or services with real users.

Research valorisation

Bringing scientific knowledge into society and on the market, technology and business validation, IPR management.

Training structure

Arrival and informal networking
Check-in at accommodation from 2pm
Short walk around Prague and welcome drink from 4pm
Innovation process
Design Sprint as part of innovation process
Research valorisation and technology radar
Case studies: stories of sciencepreneurs
Problem Framing
Asking the right questions
Defining scope and context
Define the long term goal
Research the problem and gather information, including information from users/customers
Identify key stakeholders and users
Understand the current ecosystem and constraints
Technology and business validation
IPR management

Talk to the experts
Sketch & Decide
Generate a lot of ideas
Explore adjacent areas for solution
Explore different technical approaches to the problem
Select the best ideas and concepts
Storyboard them for the prototype
Field trip
Prusa Lab and MIWA Technologies
Prototype & Test
Turn your storyboard and concept into a testable prototype
Low/no code as prototyping tools
Show the prototype to users and test it
Analyze what you've learned
Public debate
How do universities develop the entrepreneurial mindset of students and researchers? Kampus Hybenská, 5pm-7pm
more info and registration
Present your prototype & Prepare your own training
Pitching session: present your prototype
How to create custom summer school/training/workshop
Present plans for own workshops in country teams
Detailed programme can be downloaded here.

Practical Information

The organisers will cover the costs of programme and accommodation (single rooms with toilet/shower, breakfast is included) at Masaryk Dormitory Hotel***. The hotel is placed directly at the campus of the Czech Technical University in Prague 6. 

Coffee breaks and lunches will be provided by the organisers as well.

Participants are expected to cover their travel costs and contribute to the costs of the programme with a fee of 100 EUR.


Head of UX Lab, FIT CTU in Prague

Ondřej is an UX designer and educator. With master degree in HCID and entrepreneurship from Aalto university and KTH he is designing product and service development courses and HCID study program at Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague. To give high school students the taste of design and IT he organizes Design Sprint summer school with the Faculty of Information Technology.

COO, Precision Sensors & Instruments (PSI) LLC

Vardan holds PhD in Physics and is also specialized in commercialization of scientific innovations, technology transfer and management of startup companies. He has organized many seminars for students and researchers about commercialization of scientific innovations and new technologies, as well as about entrepreneurship. He acted as a business mentor and coach in various trainings on entrepreneurship.

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Managing Director, Axel

Irina is the Managing Director of Axel - Georgian business angel network. Previously, she worked as a Knowledge Transfer and Innovations Specialist at Tbilisi State University which is the biggest university in the Caucasus region. Irina was also involved as a mentor in several  acceleration programs for SMEs and Startups. She also is a Co-founder and Portfolio Manager of the Georgian crowdfunding platform "”.

Chief Science officer,
IP Lab Ventures

Jiří is the Chief Science officer in IP Lab Ventures. Beginning with Imperial Innovations in London, Jiří has obtained extensive experience in creating and advising early-stage technology spin-offs and startups, particularly those originating from IP developed at universities. Jiří holds two doctorate degrees, one in Organic Electronics and second in Biophysics.

Head of the Laboratory of Databases and Business Analytical Systems, National Information Processing Institute

Emil is the Head of the Laboratory of Databases and Business Analytical Systems at the National Information Processing Institute. He has ten years’ professional experience related to ETL/ELT, data warehouses, and business intelligence. His areas of interest include Oracle technology, big data, business intelligence, data visualization and low-code.


Vojtěch holds PhD in regional innovation systems from the Charles University in Prague. He is one of the co-founders of UNICO and responsible for its business part which provides services related to innovation management of private companies. Before UNICO, Vojtěch worked as a Technology Scout at the Charles University and as a Technology Transfer Officer at the Czech Technical University.