ImpactSprint: from research to product

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4-8 September 2023
Prague, Faculty of Information Technology, CTU

The Education4Entrepreneurship project helps to strengthen entrepreneurial mindset at universities in central and eastern Europe.

Our ambitions

Our approach

We build methodology and skills for delivery of a 5-day workshop on innovative product and service development, create a regional network of practitioners and promote good practice in entrepreneurship education through public debates.

Problem Framing

Defining a problem, identifying its scope and stakeholders, and creating a clear problem statement for solution development.

Design Sprint

Structured 5-day workshop for problem-solving, idea generation, rapid prototyping and testing of products or services with real users.

Research valorisation

Bringing scientific knowledge into society and on the market, technology and business validation, IPR management.


Head of UX Lab, FIT CTU in Prague

Ondřej is an UX designer and educator. With master degree in HCID and entrepreneurship from Aalto university and KTH he is designing product and service development courses and HCID study program at Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague. To give high school students the taste of design and IT he organizes Design Sprint summer school with the Faculty of Information Technology.

COO, Precision Sensors & Instruments (PSI) LLC

Vardan holds PhD in Physics and is also specialized in commercialization of scientific innovations, technology transfer and management of startup companies. He has organized many seminars for students and researchers about commercialization of scientific innovations and new technologies, as well as about entrepreneurship. He acted as a business mentor and coach in various trainings on entrepreneurship.

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Managing Director, Axel

Irina is the Managing Director of Axel - Georgian business angel network. Previously, she worked as a Knowledge Transfer and Innovations Specialist at Tbilisi State University which is the biggest university in the Caucasus region. Irina was also involved as a mentor in several  acceleration programs for SMEs and Startups. She also is a Co-founder and Portfolio Manager of the Georgian crowdfunding platform "”.

Chief Science officer,
IP Lab Ventures

Jiří is the Chief Science officer in IP Lab Ventures. Beginning with Imperial Innovations in London, Jiří has obtained extensive experience in creating and advising early-stage technology spin-offs and startups, particularly those originating from IP developed at universities. Jiří holds two doctorate degrees, one in Organic Electronics and second in Biophysics.

Head of the Laboratory of Databases and Business Analytical Systems, National Information Processing Institute

Emil is the Head of the Laboratory of Databases and Business Analytical Systems at the National Information Processing Institute. He has ten years’ professional experience related to ETL/ELT, data warehouses, and business intelligence. His areas of interest include Oracle technology, big data, business intelligence, data visualization and low-code.


Vojtěch holds PhD in regional innovation systems from the Charles University in Prague. He is one of the co-founders of UNICO and responsible for its business part which provides services related to innovation management of private companies. Before UNICO, Vojtěch worked as a Technology Scout at the Charles University and as a Technology Transfer Officer at the Czech Technical University.

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